Friday, 25 October 2013

Books - books to be signed and books of account.

Last Friday and that meant Tavistock and a signing in Bookstop for Marcia while I had a meeting in the Bedford Hotel (where else?) with our accountant. The accounts for our company have to be lodged with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs by the end of the month. They have been prepared from the books I keep but I still don’t fully understand how the final calculations are made. Anyway, I went through them with Hugh and tried to look reasonably intelligent thus giving the impression that I really did know what was what before I signed as requested and, by so doing, take full responsibility for the returns. All done for another year – but isn’t it scary that we have to place our lives in the hands of professionals? I would trust ours through thick and thin but he mentioned that he is thinking about retiring from the firm he founded which is a bit worrying. I think I shall have to make an effort to meet the man he has taken into partnership and who will eventually be at the firm’s helm.

Meanwhile, Transworld was out in strength for this event. Emma Buckley, Marcia’s editor and Elizabeth Masters who looks after her publicity had travelled down from London the day before and had spent the night in the Bedford Hotel (where else?). They were with Marcia in Bookstop and I was to join them for lunch in Taylor’s – as was Chris Smale who looks after the south west for Transworld. We all had a great time.

Chris, Emma, Elizabeth and Marcia

Next morning and Chris rolled up to take Marcia to The Torbay Bookshop in Paignton. This turned out to be a splendid event and so many congratulations to all involved.

Then it was Tuesday and time to go down to Saltash to a very unusual bookshop run by two sisters. Is it a café? Is it a bookshop? Is it a place where people pop in and out for a quick chat? It seems that Bookshelf is all three. Saltash is, of course, at the mouth of the river Tamar on the Cornish side just a mile or so from the setting of The Sea Garden. I only say that to give me a good reason to show you another Tamar photograph.

Tomorrow is another busy day: Waterstones in Plymouth in the morning at 11 am and in Exeter in the afternoon at 2 pm (both lasting one hour). There are two Waterstone’s in Exeter: Marcia will be at the Roman Gate branch – not the one near the cathedral.

The old mill tail race in Totnes the other day and . . .
... and there was a moorhen (I think) lurking in a drain.

Then there will be no reason at all why, on Monday, Marcia should not be back in front of her computer typing like mad. Well, there is one. There may even be two. For a start all this dashing about is surprisingly tiring and she probably need more than one day off to get back to normal. The other is in the lap of the gods. Will she be able to wriggle out of the real world into her own imagined landscape without at least one trip down to the coast to reconnect with her people? I rather hope not – I do enjoy our jaunts. The weather forecast is a bit worrying:  “sunshine, showers and strong winds on Sunday. Potentially turning very stormy on Monday.” Well, that could make it quite dramatic, couldn’t it? I’ll let you know what happens next week.

This week we have another reader's dog.
Mutley, a collie cross, - and friends.