Friday, 8 February 2013


One of the problems with writing a blog every week is that the writer's year includes a period when next to nothing happens that can be shared with that writer's readers. You could call this the blogger's desert and we are now in that.

It happens after all the excitement of rushing around looking at places, watching Marcia listening to (and sometimes talking to) her characters, discussing with her where her thoughts are taking her and so on. In the old days (when Transworld published Marcia in the summer rather than, as now, in the late autumn) it included signings and other events triggered off by publication day.

Then comes the day when the computer is opened, a new document is created, it is given a working title and Marcia starts to write. Then, for day after day and week after week that is what Marcia does. Obviously there are still booky things going on but apart from sometimes tempting you all by mentioning the return of an old character, I am under strict orders to reveal nothing at all.

There are a number of good reasons for this. Once I allowed you to know the working title of a book – The Ginger Jar – only it was published under the title The Prodigal Wife. To this day we receive emails asking us when The Ginger Jaris going to be published. Then there are the times when a book takes a totally unexpected turn and some of the early chapters require changes. Then there are the very weird times when something has happened in an early chapter that really makes very little sense and neither of us know why it is there. Some few thousand words later on the puzzle is resolved and then, with the full picture there to see, Marcia returns to see whether or not something jars or seems out of place. That rarely happens (in fact I can't remember it ever happening) but usually there is something to be added which gives the scene greater depth and meaning.

And so it was that, just as I was really thinking “this whole blog thing was a very bad idea” your comments on last week's blog gave me an idea. Whether or not you will all like that idea is, of course, something else. Since you like photos, how about running a few photo themes during these few months when Marcia has her head stuck in her laptop? (That is a piece of imagery I could not resist.)

It seemed right to resolve this picture to monochrome
So for the next few weeks the theme will be trees. We will start next week with trees devoid of leaf in the depths of winter allowing us to enjoy their skeletal beauty, then look at them in spring, high summer and lastly autumn. Now all I have to do is to hope that I have enough photos in the files to meet that specification. What shall we choose for the next theme? Any ideas?