Friday, 17 August 2012

Back to work

You might say that this has been week one back at work after the move. On the other hand you could describe it as “week one spent trying to work but actually looking for things that I/Marcia/we knew were in this/that box but which weren't”. I have a rather horrid feeling that week 2 is going to be much the same although most of bits and pieces needed to keep the wheels on the wagon are now to hand.

On Tuesday we went into Totnes: there were a few things we needed to get (or, at least, that was what we told each other). Tuesday in Totnes is faintly odd and bizarre: you will find it described as “Elizabethan Totnes” and there are market stalls manned – or, more generally, womanned – by people wearing Elizabethan clothing (with a few more modern additions). All the proceeds go to charities and many visitors come to the town on Tuesdays, curious to find out what this is all about. 

The Totnes Town Crier is usually on hand to help matters along and, if you are lucky, there might even be Tudor Dancing to traditional instruments.
There is something very Totnesian about this display of boots and . . .
. . . the buskers outside the bank.
It was a nice day, neither too hot nor pouring with rain, spoiled slightly because Marcia left her favourite fleece gilet somewhere and we have been unable to find it. Perhaps it might show up when I throw some more stuff in the recycling bin . . .

This morning we both had long overdue appointments to have our eyes tested. We had been putting this off because we felt it better to wait until after the move and we knew exactly who we wanted to see: the highly recommended optician to one of Marcia's old friends.

Shortly after we woke up, the heavens opened and it started to rain very hard indeed. It was still raining as hard on the drive to Ivybridge and as we rushed from the car to the opticians.

Then the rain eased off so I took the opportunity to dash out and take some photographs of the River Erme in spate. I should have had the video camera with me and then you could have enjoyed the enormous noise this water was making but as it is you will have to imagine that.

Now the sun is shining on the wall outside my study, the rain drops on the leaves of the Rambling Rector Rose climbing the old wall beside the Red Valerian looking like tiny jewels, reflecting all the colours of the rainbow (which, of course, is exactly what they do do).