Friday, 15 June 2012

On the move

After a good deal of thought, Marcia and I have decided that the time has come to downsize and move a bit closer to civilisation (using that word in the loosest of definitions). The problem is that buying and selling property is right up there with divorce and bereavement when it comes to stress. And then, right out of the blue, some long standing friends of ours (we have known them for about twenty-five years) on hearing of our thoughts told us that the tenant in a property they own had just left. The property was about to be completely redecorated and would we like to rent it while we sorted ourselves out?

There is only one sensible answer to such a question and so we put this place on the market. Whether or not we shall sell it I have no idea (it is not the best of times to be selling property) but it went on the market on Wednesday and we have had two couples come to view it: fingers crossed. Then we can draw breath and decide on what we want to do.

Yesterday a parcel of books arrived: five copies of The Summer House as published in the US by Tom Dunne Books (an imprint of St Martin's Press). They are truly beautiful. Once again the Americans have used a painting by Vitali Komarov on the cover. Marcia likes his work so much that we bought one of his originals. If you want to check out his work he has a web site:


Last week I said that 'things are on the move'. It turns out that was a vast understatement. Once these fellows started to grow legs and turn into proper little froglets, there seems to be no holding them. Most have now been released back in the top pond and about a hundred are still with us – including the tiniest of all.

I have no real idea why it should be but we do seem to have had more fatalities this year than is usual. Even so, I reckon the exercise was well worth doing as at least eighty per cent have survived and that is far, far more than would be case had they been left in the pond.

I suspect this will be the last tadpole times for this year – the others will have gone within the week. As to whether we shall be talking about them again next year I have no idea: it will depend entirely on where we are when the time comes.