Friday, 23 September 2011

It is just over a week now since I had the last eye operation. Things have now settled down and I feel able to start blogging again. This new Blogspot will will take over from the blogs that I used to put up on the DevonWriters web site. It will, however, continue to deal with what Marcia and I are getting up to and to keep you posted as to what is happening on the book front.

There are two reasons for the change. When I started blogging it was a fairly new idea and technology has moved on since then and this is a much more modern way of doing things. Secondly, and I feel this is very important, it is far easier for people - and especially for Marcia's readers - to leave comments and to share their thoughts with us.

So, what has happened since my last blog?

We were delighted when Clare Foss with her husband, Ed, and their two delightful children dropped in to spend an afternoon with us. They had been on holiday down on the Roseland Peninsula in south Cornwall and were on their way home. Clare was Marcia's editor when she was published by Headline and, despite moving to Transworld some ten years ago, they remain very firm friends.

Marcia's birthday is in August and it is very difficult to find something that she would really like as a present. By the time you reach our ages, you have all the 'stuff' that you need and she is totally disinterested in make-up or scent. This year I struck gold. There is an art shop in Tavistock called South West Crafts which is rather hidden away on a footpath that runs past the church.

It is one of my favourite shops and there I found a couple 'jugs' by the potter Janie Ramsey. Our sweet peas were in full flower so I got up early, picked some and put them in the jugs for her to find when she came down for breakfast.
Transworld decided that the right time to publish Marcia's latest book,The Christmas Angel, would be in October - the 27th to be precise - which is hardly surprising in light of the title.
This is Stripey Bunny, one of the less vocal characters in the book and the inseparable companion to young Jakie. He sat on Marcia's desk when she was writing this book but I am not really quite sure what that says.

Two dates for your diary if you are in the south west at the end of October. On Friday 28th Marcia will be signing in Kingsbridge at the Harbour Bookshop from 11.30 am and on the next day in Tavistock at Book Stop from 10.30 am. For those who live overseas, I would remind you that The Book Depository offers free worldwide p & p and the hardback may now be preordered from them.

On the home front, this year we have had more sparrows (both hedge and house) born here than before despite the fact that they are in decline through most of the UK. This is partly due to the fact that we offer a very good environment for them and that we provide them with some food.

The other morning, but with some difficulty as my eyes are still not working very well, I managed to take this picture of a spider's web covered in dew as the early morning sun rose above the hedge.
Hope you like this new format.